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Edward can help you to:

Advocate for your child’s needs

As an educational consultant, Edward can assist you to receive the services your student requires from the public school.    Edward can walk you through the process of preparing for evaluations, team meetings, and communication with your child’s school district.  He can help you understand what your records tell about your child's needs. Edward can evaluate the effectiveness of your child’s current services and recommend which options to explore. 

Increase homework completion and decrease homework conflict

Homework can turn into a battle between parents, children, and teachers. As an experienced educator who has worked with students from primary to secondary levels, Edward can review you child’s homework environment and recommend strategies to improve academic achievement.   Edward will make research based recommendations to increase homework completion.
  Edward Feeney is a certified special educator and a licensed occupational therapist with over fifteen years of experience in the public and private school environment. He has extensive knowledge of state and federal law regarding IEPs and 504s.  
? Do you wonder whether your child is receiving the required academic services? 

Edward will provide in home services to help you best advocate for your child’s needs.

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